How to Control Halloween Sugar to Stop it from Getting Scary This Year

by Editor on 10/26/2021

How to Control Halloween Sugar

Facing that challenge to control Halloween sugar yet again this year? It’s not easy when you’ve got a sweet tooth and those candies are sitting right there calling out to you.  Fortunately, we’ve created this survival guide for you this year, so you won’t feel like you’re on your own and helpless when the ghosts and goblins lash out with chocolates and candies!

Plan Ahead to Control Halloween Sugar

The first step in getting things right is to acknowledge that yes, you need to control Halloween sugar intake. You can’t just sit down with the bowl of treats and eat one after the next like you’d eat movie popcorn. This is a quick way for you – or your kids – to experience energy spikes and crashes, build cravings that will last longer than the candy, and stand in the way of weight goals.

Helpful Tips to Control Halloween Sugar Intake

Of course, you’re allowed to have some Halloween candy if you want it.  The key is to control Halloween sugar consumption, not try to ban yourself from it.  Remember that research shows that diets based on deprivation don’t work. However, diets that allow uncontrolled overconsumption also won’t let you reach your goal.  Use the following tips to find your happy middle ground.

1 – Store Candy Out of Sight

Hide the candy you’ve purchased to hand out or that your kids have collected on the day itself.  Place it in a cupboard that isn’t opened much, for instance.  When you’re not looking at it all the time, and when it’s not within convenient reach, you’ll eat less of it overall. It will involve a decision to get it instead of a mindless reach.

2 – Plan Your meals and Snacks

As soon as the candy enters your home, have meal and snack plans in place. One of the easiest ways to control Halloween sugar consumption is to be sure you have a plan for everything else you’ll be eating. That way, you won’t find yourself looking to candy as an easy way to satisfy your hunger. You’ll only have it as a sweet little treat such as for dessert.

3 – Cut Out Sugar Elsewhere

When you know you’re going to be working to control Halloween sugar intake, make sure you’re not making the problem worse by eating other added sugars that are avoidable.  You already know you’ll be having candy pretty much every day until it’s gone.  Because of that, lay off any muffins, cakes, cookies, pop, juices, energy drinks and other foods and drinks with added sugars. Have your coffee unsweetened or add cinnamon instead. That way, you’ll carve out some room for what the candy has in store.

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