Do Slimming Swimsuits Really Work?

by Editor on 06/28/2021

Do Slimming Swimsuits Work?

Can slimming swimsuits really make a difference? That’s a question many of us ask ourselves in the spring or early summer of each year as we face the dreaded shopping experience when we try to find the most flattering style. This can take a lot of time, and when we choose enough options from among styles that don’t flatter our body shapes, it be hard on the self-image.

The Appeal of Slimming Swimsuits

Even those of us with high levels of body positivity can’t help but struggle with certain areas of our body that we feel are less than our ideal. It’s not that we necessarily want to change our bodies, but at the same time, we wouldn’t mind it if certain areas weren’t highlighted for the entire time that we’re wearing our swimwear. Choosing the right slimming swimsuits can help to place the spotlight elsewhere. 

That said, since we’re all different and everybody wants their slimming swimsuits to perform in a different way, it means that there isn’t a single model that is appropriate for everyone. Instead, we need to know what we’re looking for to find the option best suited to our goals.  This is a balance between drawing attention toward what we love and away from what we’d rather not make the center of attention at the beach.

Tips to Find the Right Slimming Swimsuits for You

Use these tips to find the slimming swimsuits that work best for the look you’re aiming for this year.

Go for the Bikini

There are tons of bikini styles, from teensy tiny to a two-piece that more closely resembles a tank and short-shorts. Choose fun styles, mix and match tops and bottoms, and choose a pattern and style that draws the eye toward – and away from – where you want the eye to be. You can even choose skirts and skorts for a bit more coverage if that’s your comfort zone.

The Plunging Neckline

Love the idea of showing some skin, but aren’t on board with the bikini this year? What about a plunging neckline? These can feel as sexy as a bikini without the bare middle zone.

Bright Solid Colors in Whatever Style You Love

You may have been told that the only option available to you for slimming swimsuits is a black one-piece.  Not true! Any solid, simple cut can be just as slimming.  If you’re not one to tan and have a naturally pale complexion, aim for vibrant primary colors like electric blue or apple red.  If you’re tan or have a naturally darker complexion, flashy neon shades will be the perfect complement.

Consider Slimming Swimsuits with Built-In Shapewear

If you’re aiming for a smoother look in the body of your bathing suit than your form naturally provides.  Some brands such as Spanx have released slimming swimsuits with shapewear built right in.  Some styles also include strategically placed ruching to bump up the flattering effect.

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