Why Doctors Don’t Like Fast Diet Pills as Much as Gradual Weight Loss

by Editor on 03/27/2021

Are Fast Diet Pills for You?

When you need help with your weight management, it’s tempting to look for fast diet pills to help you reach your goals more quickly.  After all, why take six months to achieve your weight loss target when a certain product promises to get you there in half the time or less?  As counterintuitive as it might seem, dropping the pounds too quickly can work against you in both the short-term and the long term.

Why Fast Diet Pills Aren’t Necessarily the Best

Even if fast diet pills seem to be the most tempting, it doesn’t mean they’re the best. There are two main problems with this kind of product:

  1. If they work – They will likely not have caused fat loss.  Instead, they will have caused water loss. This is a temporary effect that comes with a range of potential side effects.  Furthermore, since it’s just lost water, once you become hydrated again, all the weight will return. It’s exceptionally rare that fast diet pills will contribute to genuine fat loss.  Even if they do, they may do your metabolism more harm than good. You won’t have developed the habits to keep the weight off, so it will only balloon back on again once you stop taking them.
  2. If they don’t work – More often than not, products promising to give you super-fast weight loss results simply don’t work.  If they do work, it’s not anywhere near their over-the-top promises for record breaking fat reduction. This wastes your time, money, motivation, and may even place you at risk of side effects or even addiction.

What Are the Best Alternatives?

The Mayo Clinic recommends a gradual long-term lifestyle change to achieve lasting weight control.  This can include a quality weight management support pill.  The difference is that these products don’t promise that you will lose tremendous amounts of weight without any effort but in tiny time periods. 

Instead, they offer you additional support in overcoming your top challenges to adopting and maintaining your new healthy lifestyle.  This includes support for changes such as making smarter food choices toward a calorie restricted diet.  It will also likely involve a regular fitness-appropriate exercise strategy.  Your doctor might also suggest that you look into sleep improvements and stress control efforts.

Other ways to achieve gradual weight loss include…

  • Get some sleep
  • Work on stress management
  • Focus on nutrition, not just calories
  • Keep up a range of different types of workouts, not just one form of exercise

With this complete weight management plan, the fast diet pills you really want aren’t those that pretend they will do the work for you. They’re the ones that will help make the work much easier for you while getting started so that you can build the habits and continue them quite naturally over years to come.

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