Which Adipex Alternatives Should You Avoid?

by Editor on 09/23/2020

Adipex Alternatives to Avoid

Many people who want to lose weight are in search of Adipex alternatives. In other words, they are seeking a nonprescription diet pill that can provide them with similar benefits to what may be experienced by taking the prescription drug phentermine. This is the active ingredient in the popular obesity treatment medication Adipex-P.

However, in case you were wondering – and to clear up any confusion in regard to the term “Adipex alternatives” – presently, there are no official over the counter (OTC) Adipex diet pills on the market. More plainly put, there isn’t a lower dose version of phentermine that has been FDA approved to be legally sold as a nonprescription weight loss treatment. This is a common consumer curiosity because there is an OTC Xenical alternative that contains a low-dose version of the diet drug orlistat, which has been approved for OTC sale and is sold under the brand name Alli. 

What to Consider When Choosing Adipex Alternatives

While there is no official nonprescription Adipex diet pill, when you’re on the hunt for good Adipex alternatives, it’s important that you choose a weight management supplement that is made with high-grade clinically researched ingredients and developed by a reputable and reliable American company.

With that said, here are some tips on how to weed out the diet pills that should be avoided:

  • Avoid products with a long list of ingredients – When there are fewer ingredients, you are likely to receive a larger dose of the substances that have been selected, giving them a better chance to live up to the potential benefits they may provide. Moreover, with fewer ingredients there is also usually a decreased risk of a wide range of unwanted side effects.
  • Avoid formulas with ingredients that lack research – While no dietary supplement is clinically proven effective for treating weight loss, this does not mean that certain substances cannot be beneficial in supporting certain weight loss efforts. That being said, it is important that whatever a formula’s ingredients, that these ingredients have been selected sensibly and with care. Only consider products from companies that have taken the time to choose scientifically researched ingredients and have provided you with citations to clinical studies that have found evidence that these herbs and substances offer the benefits the manufacturer claims they can provide.   
  • Avoid diet pills with too many stimulants – Many nonprescription diet pills that are marketed as Adipex alternatives contain stimulants (e.g. caffeine, synephrine, phenethylamine, etc.). While stimulants like caffeine can be beneficial in helping to boost mental alertness, improve metabolism for increased fat burning, act as a thermogenic and increase energy levels, too much caffeine (or combining caffeine with several other stimulants) increases the risk of unwanted side effects ranging from jitters and insomnia to rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure. As such, the risks and potential danger of taking these stimulant overloaded products outweighs any possible benefits they may offer.
  • Avoid auto shipping and shady companies – A reputable company will stand by the products it makes. This includes having a legitimate website with transparent information about its products, professional customer service and a money-back guarantee. Steer clear of companies that lack an online presence, that force you into auto ship programs and make unsubstantiated claims about what they sell.

Choose a Diet Pill That Makes Sense to Your Weight Loss Goals

Finally, regardless of what Adipex alternatives you may find in your search that interest you, make sure that the product you select is the right fit for your current state of health and your long-term weight management strategy. Remember that the best dietary supplements marketed for weight loss are formulated to function as support for a healthful calorie conscious diet and regular exercise. No diet pill, not even prescription Adipex-P, works as a weight loss miracle.

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